Wednesday, 9 September 2009


As you can see the wedding was a beautiful day for the whole Swedish Family Wilkinson, Austrian Family Nitz, Swedish Family Gelin and all the rest of 'em. Sara and Benji were in Austria for a whole week and by all accounts had a blast with most of the family that could make a mid week wedding. I, on the other hand trying to keep my bosses happy and my chances of retaining a contract intact, only took one days leave. It was a hectic late night flight on the Tuesday night and an eye watering early flight on the Thursday morning. Hindsight being what it is I probably would have done things differently if I did it again. Needless to say the whole time in Austria was full of whole hearted and life enrichingly feel good moments. I missed the actual wedding as it was Benjamin's nap time and he was squawking and screaming, so we went outside to play with stones, until he could actually fall asleep himself.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Is it a bird...Is it a plane?

A while ago Benji and I were in town and we saw something we could not quite believe...we think it was a bird but maybe it was a plane...all we could figure out is it was flying fast above our heads.