Sunday, 22 November 2009


In the process of home decorating sometimes things go a little bit astray.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ben the Builder

Far from being outdone by his predecessor Bob, Benji decided to get in on the act.
Hollywood look out!

Ben 'O' Lantern

Mystery boy?

After a long bike ride sleeping in the trailer buggy, this little blighter woke up and came inside. Who is he? He looks like a grown up boy doesn't he, not our little baby?

Toy Story

Never before has a one year old had so many toys...

and never has one been so cute!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

Text ColourThis is the actual script from Two Towers, with adjustments."No! You don't understand. We are Hobbits, Kiwis, Halflings. Shirefolk!"

"War has come to Rohan. We must ride (or walk) to Edoras with speed."
"You said this fortress (wooden block tower) would never fall while your men defend it. They still defend it. They have died defending it!"

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Shadow Animals

If that's an emu, Benji's head must be the egg?

Little Beauty

I don't know where this one was hiding but it's a beaut!

Glorious Green Green Grass

The winter is truly settling in here. The winds are kicking up and the mercury has plummeted. It's not everyone's favourite time of year. Although I have to agree with a journalist I was reading last week where she said that this was in fact her favourite time of year as there was no pressure to be anywhere or to do anything. October and November are indeed nothing months in terms of weather and they sort of melt together into an abyss of empty productiveness. I saw a friend had already "elfed themself", which I was then tempted to go and tell them "f*** themselves" too as it is only November and I thought they were perhaps jumping the gun a little. I didn't, and held back. But I guess they know now huh? Anyway, these are those times and now I have the photos up I can show you the green grass of our balcony, finished in August and modelled by none other than Mr Rollerskates 1972, Benjamin.


Well, we've managed to finally get some time to download some more photos of the Wilkinson Jr, and it seems as if he just keeps getting cuter! I don't know maybe I'm biased? Anyway, these new dungarees look like the real deal. Especially with his little red suitcase. Hi-Ho it's off to work he goes...

The Official Birthday Cake

I know it's been a month or so, but after some legal wranglings we now have permission to release official photos of the 1st Birthday cake.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

3 Wheeling

A few moments later we realised it was actually part of a bigger plan. The plan being the classic piece of Kiwiana, which most kiwi kids had, the plastic 3 wheeler. These things will run until the cows come home. They are almost indestructable, I think they are made by NASA. (It says they are made in China, maybe NASA is outsourcing?). Who can forget the classic hard plastic wheels and the sound of them grinding, cracking and skidding over stones on driveways throughout the country. Brilliant! (I miss NZ)

The 1st B'day Unicycle

His Grandma or, mormor as she is affectionately well known as (in Sweden anyway) sent a unicycle for Benjamin's 1st birthday present. We were initially a little shocked and we thought that was a tad inappropriate as the wee man wasn't even doing wheelies yet on his skateboard and he may not quite be up to unicycling, but alas, we were trumped again. Benji grabbed the one wheeler and off he went.

Benji is GaGa for dancing!