Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Glorious Green Green Grass

The winter is truly settling in here. The winds are kicking up and the mercury has plummeted. It's not everyone's favourite time of year. Although I have to agree with a journalist I was reading last week where she said that this was in fact her favourite time of year as there was no pressure to be anywhere or to do anything. October and November are indeed nothing months in terms of weather and they sort of melt together into an abyss of empty productiveness. I saw a friend had already "elfed themself", which I was then tempted to go and tell them "f*** themselves" too as it is only November and I thought they were perhaps jumping the gun a little. I didn't, and held back. But I guess they know now huh? Anyway, these are those times and now I have the photos up I can show you the green grass of our balcony, finished in August and modelled by none other than Mr Rollerskates 1972, Benjamin.

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