Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hotel Schloss Fernsteinsee

Somewhere in the Austrian Alps, deep in the green rolling expansive valleys and amongst the sheer granite mountain tops we discovered a sublime place. Not by accident, in fact during a little research I stumbled across an article which in plain print told us that this was one of 'the' mountain campsites not to be missed. Not one to ignore the appealings of an overworked and maybe travel starved British journalist, we duly obliged and stopped in on Schloss Fernsteinsee and wasn't disappointed. A magical castle awaits you as you wind off the busy main road and after descending thorough tree fronds and dense forest you arrive at a pleasant little campground with views towards the castle itself. The campground was well run and possessed all the qualities you'd expect. The one thing it was hiding was it's stunning castle-side lake complete with boats and it's very own flock of bossy geese. Although the superbly clean water surrounds a well manicured grassy island subtly inviting you in, the amphitheater of steep mountains surrounding the lake reminds you that this water will not only be clean but also cold. Really cold!

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