Friday, 15 January 2010

Curious George

A classic when I was a kid, when ever that was? Gosh it seems like such a long time ago, and living away from NZ for such a long time, I have half forgotten who I am. Well I remember some things. One of those things was watching Curious George after school lying on the lounge floor while eating from a 20kg sack of apples in the kitchen. To make a short story long, Benjamin loves Curious George, who is called Nicke Nyfiken in Swedish. Nyfiken means 'curious' and of course Nicke, is just a cool name right? Hmmm? Well it rhymes right? Hmmm? I think it's like calling him Curious Burious, a Slovenian monkey who works in a mine all day and gets ribbed by his mates for being called Burious, and has the last laugh by being as Curious as he can be!
What a ramble. Benji loves him anyway and we are planning to paint his bedroom with vast amounts of Curiosity with flashes of Georgeness!

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Duncs said...

Thats the joy of parenthood bud, we remember who we are through playing with them:)