Sunday, 22 August 2010

The SFW blog returns!

Dear all avid readers and lovers of the Swedish Family Wilkinson blog. After a much needed hiatus from all sorts of technology over our summer holiday, we have returned tired and tanned. For anyone under the illusion that a 2 month summer holiday is restful or chilled or whatever, with a 1.5 year old it's anything but. We had a superb holiday all the same, Greece and South of France were the highlights, with trips to Fagerviken Mormor's summer house and the archipelago to add to the list, and a lovely visit from Grandma Wilkinson to top it off. IN SFW style all photos and videos will be loaded up in due time, but this may take a while as there are ALOT of photos!!!

Hope all of you are healthy and happy and I look forward to hearing from you through your comments. I have also just added a comment board so please feel free to let me know if you've been here and maybe even like what you see?

Editor SFW

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rich said...

I been here. And I've been there. But not everywhere. I like what I see here. I loved what I saw there. Everywhere else will just have to wait.