Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Grandad Wilky

In true Grandad Wilky style, he informed us of his intended visit to Sweden 3 days before he arrived from NZ, apparently it was an airfare too good to pass up. So we were informed on the Friday and he landed on the Tuesday. He was here for 2 weeks which absolutely flew by. One of those weeks was school holidays so we managed to get out and about and enjoy the autumness of Stockholm, before the snow came, which it did several times during his visit. He surprisingly caught the yoga bug and was pulling himself this way and that every morning limbering himself into unthinkable poses and then groaning and creaking as he untangled himself. He unloaded and washed about 300 loads of dishes and even did some laundry (shock, horror, read all about it!). He seldom ate or drank and wondered why he would succumb to bad headaches and splitting pains in his body (go figure?). All that aside, little Benjamin learnt several new words like "plonker" and "wrestle" and learnt how to say "NO" with real authority, and he also had a super wonderful time with his furthest away Grandad.

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