Saturday, 9 June 2012

Stockholm Marathon

 Pre race craziness at the overcrowded train station. It was a great place to shelter from the cold.

 There we jacket and white hat, centre of the picture. The clothing we are wearing gives you an idea of how bitterly cold it was!

Well we finished the coldest Stockholm Marathon ever. 15 968 runners started, 14 686 completed the race. That means that only 8 percent did not finish, a surprisingly low figure, considering the harsh conditions. This being the 34th Stockholm Marathon was afflicted by the worst conditions ever. Unseasonal 3-4 degrees (C) and blasts of wind up to 18 meters/second attacked the runners at several points on the course, accompanied by persistent rain, it all become a great ordeal. The last few times I ran, it has been 30+ degrees and swelteringly fact it has been unseasonably warm. Unfortunately for Sara's first marathon, it was probably the worst conditions imaginable!

"Top Runner Andreas Bergstedt described the absurd conditions when the competitors did hit a wall of wind at the halfway mark. “One of us cracked up, and started to laugh unrestrainedly.”

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