Monday, 18 August 2008

5ive Weeks To Go

Well as we swiftly passed through another weekend yesterday, the due date officially became 5 weeks! We are becoming even more excited as each day goes by, but at times the excitement merges with many other emotions. Sara sleeps as if there are small rodents in the bed and to change position every half hour would be the best method of squashing them all by morning. The only problem is that morning comes around too quickly, and the rodents survive to fight another day. I'm really prepping myself for the big day, but to be honest I don't know what I'm preparing myself for. It's like packing for a surprise holiday, should I take skis or surfboard, sunscreen or gore-tex? Don't worry I won't be taking skis into the delivery room, although maybe I should, just to be safe in case? We haven't really discussed the preparation of the hospital bag should we need it earlier. I think I can rest assured that the skis or my skateboard won't be on that list! Although I have half planned my route from school to hospital and I am factoring in saving at least 10 minutes by using my skateboard, assuming it's not raining which is brave considering the tail end of the Swedish 'summer' we've seen.
More to come soon

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