Sunday, 24 August 2008

Preppin' to be Parents

Somehow another week flew by and the weekend went up in smoke too. We started the week meeting new children as Stockholm schools had their first days on Monday. A bizarre day in which the children come to school, often with parents, spend an hour with their teachers who proceed to pile them high with paper work and forms, lay on a few whimsical tales and then go home. That was basically our Monday anyway. Sara worked at the clinic until 7 and we met at home for our usual dinner of sandwiches.
Tuesday was actually supposed to bring the first day of real school lessons for the year, however I have abandoned lessons for this week, and Sara had 'Clash of the Classes' at her school. Wednesday flew by and we met mid afternoon for our Parent Preppin' class. It was a real experience too. This was enhanced by the fact that the lecturer was super uber eccentric and placed so much emphasis and enthusiasm on each individual fact and piece of information. It was like going to your grandmother's house and finding out she'd drunk Red Bull and now wanted to give you all the info you ever needed about breast feeding, baby delivery and the first months of being a parent. She used an old school OHP which broke and then a baby doll (never shake a baby). The highlight for Sara was the moment a father to be asked if he could give his baby sleeping pills? There was sounds of exasperated gasps go out in unison around the room. This was an ultra informative event which left us in good spirits, although I left worried about the severe lack of sleep we were about to encounter! 
Friday rolled around and so did the due 4 Weeks to go! I went hiking with my class in the forest 15 kms and then a swim, while Sara met a friend after school for 'fika'. 
Saturday was Dad's birthday, and in honour of this momentous occasion...I dedicate this weeks photo to him.

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