Friday, 27 February 2009

Bloogels from the Basement

A chilly breeze changed yesterday evening and with it came a sound so harrowing it made my tympanic membrane want to crawl further into my ear. I hesitantly ventured to the basement's basement. A place I have yet to go. I found remnants of a dark dungeon at the end of a crooked staircase. At the far end of the dungeon hiding behind the cupboard of gloom, I found a family of Bloogels.  I picked them all up and now I have them in a jar with plastic wrap over the top (with holes in so they can breathe). After further examination and research I have realised it is these Bloogels that have prevented you all from commenting on the blog. Now I have captured them, the blog is comment friendly. 

Go for it and comment away! 

The blog is all on ONE page now. Now you can watch all your favourite movies on one page! Also, on Macs you can hold down ctrl and scroll and the page will move closer, making movies full screen,  I think you can do this on PCs too, but I won't use them! 
Did I mention I wanted you to comment?


SwedishFamilyWilkinson said...

Great blog! hahaha

Butterflyy said...

The faithful ones who have been commenting all we get extra points...? Like a special drink with lots of umbrellas in it next time we meet?

Anonymous said...

I have been checking it out loads, gotta know where all of your movie making talents are going to! Y'all are book marked on my favorite page, and I reinstall it when this stupid new mac keeps crashing... Hope your sportslov is relaxing... Love,

Anonymous said...

I have been watching heaps and emailing too with comments-just hate anything that wants me to register all the time. I love having the video clips right there if ever I want to se Benji