Thursday, 19 February 2009

Record Breaker?

How much things change! We have been going through changes everyday it feels like and the wee man is growing, growing, growing. He continues to be the happiest boy in town and smiles and laughs his way through most days. As you may have seen from the latest film about the prophet "Benjamin", he can turn over and can spend, well minutes, on his tummy gazing up at the world. His arms are strong and he's all but ready to start doing push ups but only girls (very un-pc) ones as he can't get onto his feet yet. He is creeping his knees up ready to get into crawling position and any month now he will be crawling into the record books for some crawling activity.
I saw this week that the World record holder for the longest finger nails in the world was in a terrible car accident and had to have her nails removed. That has started me the incredible rate Benji's nails grow, I reckon there's only about 10-15 years before he gets into the record books for that too! 

Watch this space, maybe you could e-nail me back?

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