Monday, 8 September 2008

Into the final bend...

Hi all, 
  We've just entered inside the 2 week zone and things are going just fine. There wasn't much to report this week with the actual pregnancy. Sara visited the 'mid wife' on Thursday and everything was going to plan and seemed very healthy which was good news. Although the stomach itself doesn't seem to be that much bigger, the shape of the stomach constantly changes as the baby occupies more and more space and therefore has less room to move. In the mornings particularly, her belly is some odd shapes, the other morning it was a perfect square, which I then proceeded to serve breakfast on. (Some of the previous sentence might not be exactly true; the bit about the square stomach, and also the bit about me making breakfast). Sara's belly is holding up to the punishment for now, and she loves to stroke the belly as it seems to calm the baby down and it also feels really nice! She continues to be strong, determined, stubborn and she still doesn't like to be fussed over!
The debate continues whether it is a boy or a girl. Sara has met only one person who thinks it's a girl, the other hundred thousand or so people have told her it's a boy. My general feeling has been switching every few days between boy and girl. Now I 'm almost convinced that we're having a boy! If you are too send us some names...please.
Sara stopped working last Friday, now we are inside the 2 week zone. I don't think she is used to being off  and found it difficult to not be doing something yesterday so she spent yesterday completing several jobs that needed doing around town. We then went to the bank and discussed what we wanted to do with our loan, which turned out to be nowhere near as confusing as I'd expected, but when it involves large sums of your own money it's always a nerve wracking experience!
I will post again in a few days as now the final few weeks are here, things can change very quickly.
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