Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Into the final straight....

Well it is a late blog this week isn't it, and just when everything is getting exciting. Sara is well and truly on her way to being a Mum. She is glowing, looking fantastic and trying to keep herself busy, but for a girl who has two jobs and is used to training 2 hours a day, she is struggling to do this. However, I do sense that she may get used to it.
An insane idea struck us last week, that we should go to Ikea on the weekend. People have had similar ideas before and never been seen again, such is the chaos which ensues around Ikeas all around Sweden every weekend. We were in effect, doing a smash and grab. With Rich in tow we were there by 11.00 and hit the 'barn' section straight away, green sheets and duvet with white hippopotamus dancing across was the choice of bed linen we decided upon. Before you get the idea we had bought an enormous duvet set big enough for a hippo print, they were reduced somewhat. Actually it was a very nice experience buying bed linen, a baby changing positioner, duvet and towels...only in miniature size. It felt like I was about to get out my Action Man and start dressing him and putting him to bed in this mini world. Strange feeling, but also illuminating. We were all done by 13.30 as Liverpool vs Man United had to be watched. Luckily Liverpool won in a dominant and mesmerising fashion as always. So mesmerising infact that we spent the rest of the day just relaxing and resting. 
Sunday brought us back to Hotorget for some 2nd hand wheeling and dealing, where we bought an antique side table, an antique stool, 2 antique jewellery boxes and an enormous old eraser. Sounds strange but the pleasure I get from brousing through others goods is extremely satisfying and brings me closer to my father in some strange way. I always hear his voice when I'm there haggling for goods. Like father...
Sara is presently in bed sleeping which is a good sign as she's been up the past two nights for an hour each night only to go back to sleep again. Then when I go to work, which admittedly isn't early, she wriggles and struggles onto my side the softer side and sleeps some more. She has been stone cold snoozing the past two mornings as I have left. A good sign!

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